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Security is a major challenge to the IoT’s growth. Data collected in IoT projects are often very sensitive and Industries need a strong security framework to prevent from unauthorized viewing and modification of data. Brainium is based on the following fundamentals for its Edge to Cloud security:

  • Firmware code reverse engineering protection
    • MCU readout protection
    • Firmware image encryption
  • Secure firmware update
    • Firmware code signing and signature validation
  • Transport layer security
    • Device-to-cloud gateway independent end-to-end security using TLS v.1.2 hardware implementation including:
      • ECDH key exchange
      • AES256 encryption
    • Device and cloud authority validation based on x509 ECC certificates
    • Tamper resistant storage of device private key and cloud certificate authority using hardware secure element


The solution includes a Hardware & Software system design using SE providing tier-1 security level. On top of standard TLS, x509 certificate makes the solution more robust, maintainable and reliable.

Session data and key authentication is maintained end-to-end with device to cloud architecture, gateway being agnostic.

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