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Introducing Meta sensing
Meta sensing is a new approach in the Iot market:
a hardware and software combination that delivers
AI and Security at the edge.
AI at the edge
Brainium solution brings Intelligence to the real world.
Brainium is an end to end IoT solution that delivers
AI at the edge.
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Discover the only
hardware-plus-software combo for IoT
A hardware and software combo ready to use
from prototyping to industrialization:
Smartedge Agile
Agile is a genuine, modular and
customizable IoT product.
Brainium full software stack
Brainium is a 3 layers software,
from edge to Cloud
Unlimited IoT projects
There is truly no limit to the number of IoT projects Brainium can be used for. Whether for Proof of concept or Mass production,
discover here the benefits Brainium is bringing to concrete use cases.
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Develop your IoT project 3 times
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From prototyping up to mass production, you can use Brainium software during each phase of your IoT project
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